Sunday, July 30, 2006


Here at K105 we believe in a lot of things, the moon landing not being one of those. But rather than cover conspiracy theories we'll be covering films new and old, such as Stargate, Mr. Mom and of course, Conspiracy Theory.

But we won't just simply regurgitate the news, this isn't K105: The Snake, this is K105: The Weasel, we burrow for our news and give you fresh takes on films in release. If we feel like paying for them that is. We'll also be doing coverage on actors who have long since vanished, sometimes unjustly, sometimes for good reason, and sometimes because John Landis crashed a helicopter on them.

"We'll also have Retro-mmendations ranging and everyone’s favorite: Top 10 lists, which we all know serves no real purpose other than to gobble up your time like oh so much Pac-men."

So for those of you just plain bored of the X brand out there, stick around; cause the Weasel is quick, cunning and 23% more agile than the competition.


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