Monday, September 25, 2006

Yes, now Man and manimal can enjoy K105 on a broader scale as we move into our new digs at Spot the which will be Weasel central for all kinds of multimedia activity. Kinks are being worked out of the system along with a gremlin or two, though when the Weasel is fully operational it will be a shining beacon for opinionated rants everywhere.

Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

DVDomination #7

Things are being shaken up behind the scenes here at K105, the Weasel. That explains the dip in consistancy, also we work too damn it, and when that sweet payday arrives I like many others depart to the local shop to pick up this weeks top DVDs.

1. Battlestar Galactica - Season 2.5

While a show i'm not familiar with it's hard to avoid the praise that this reimagining has earned through its two seasons of airtime, which is impressive given the crowd we're talking about here. Fans looking to complete their collection and catch up before the premiere of season three can look forward to the 10 final episodes of the 20 episode season being stretched over 3 discs.

Special Features
An extended version of the first episode, "Pegasus"
Deleted scenes
Podcast commentaries
Producer's video log.

2. My Name is Earl: Season 1

Jason Lee is one of those people you just want to see more of, so it's smart to give the man a T.V. series all his own, if anyone deserves one it's Brodie Bruce. My Name is Earl chronicles Earl as he roams across the land balancing out his karma after a life of wrong doing halted by a fateful car accident. Destined to be square with everyone he's burned in the past, Earl meets with a quirky assortment of characters from his past in order to right his wrongs and earn a good life.

The show was one of the better comedic oferings of the past season and all 24 episodes here are presented once more on a three disc set.

Special Features
Commentary on select episodes
Exclusive Earl Mis-Adventure "Bad Karma"
Karma Is A Funny Thing Blooper Reel
Making Things Right: Behind The Scenes Of My Name Is Earl featurette
Deleted Scenes

3. Godzilla - Gojira Deluxe Collector's Edition

"Gojira!" also arrives to our shores in a classy 2-disc set which tells the original tale of the monsters night out on the town. The 164 ft. beast is presented here in his original Japanese edition with subtitles as well as his american debut "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" featuring a shorter cut of botable difference. For those wanting to see a serious take on the Japan bashing sea beast and have the two editions together for maximum man in suit, this is the choice pick of the week.

Special Features
• Both Japanese and American editions
Audio commentaries
• Original Trailers
Making of the Suite Featurette
Godzilla: Story Development featurette

Well that's it for this week's DVDomination, as always buy accordingly. Failure to do so can result in accidents happening. No that's not a threat, though I do know a guy....

Monday, September 18, 2006

Studio 60 is TONIGHT

Folks, while we are doing some huge things behind the scenes, the site will be a bit slow for a few days before a big announcement. Until then, those of us outside of the Pittsburgh area should be enjoying the best new show of the season, Aaron Sorkin's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip." NBC is putting a lot of stock in trying to take Monday nights from Fox, and with next week's much ballyhooed premiere of "Heroes" they have a good shot. I have seen most of the new pilots and it would be a crime of "Arrested Development" proportions if "Studio 60" doesn't get the audience it deserves. NBC. 10 pm Eastern.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Virtual Reality: Wii details

Hello and welcome to the first edition of Vir
tual Reality where we suck up all the gaming gossip and news and buzz, take in a martini or two and then hurl it straight up without the bullshit. It's kinda like Kirby, if Kirby was on the three-martini lunch.

While not as steady a stream of content as our other features [Teh Suck & the Cool is under retooling] we will bring you a heaping helping of information on the current gaming climate. This week the climate is a victim of a god damn hurricane in the form of the Nintendo Wii's launch details which were unveiled this morning, and for those of you who followed this years E3, it's about damn time.

This information comes out of Japan where Nintendo held a press conference to finally set the record straight, get those pre-orders in full swing and give Sony that extra kick in the ass.

Let's start with the biggies...

The Console

After much teasing and mind games, Nintendo has unveiled the wii to launch on Nov. 19th retailing for $250, just two days after the launch of Sony's Playstation 3. The console, unlike the competition will be served up in a single package; the contents of each will be the following:

• Console unit with stand

• Wireless Wii controller with nunchuck [and strap]

• Sensor Bar with stand

• Wii Sports

• AC Adapter & A/V cable
• 2 AA batteries

The package details and price match information the New York Times article which was leaked yesterday evening. As a nice contrast to the PS3, the Wii will be available in that lone configuration and unlike the Gamecube will be available in only a single color at launch, white.

Aside from the packed in game, at launch the wii will be able to display digital photos through the wii on your T.V. as well as keep you updated with weather reports and browse your favorite websites. Nintendo plans to roll out 6 million Wii' consoles by years end, with the U.S. receiving the majority of those units.

The games

At the press conference Nintendo elaborated on their virtual consoles release cycle and pricing scheme with 10 retro hits arriving every month the pricing is as follow: NES: $5, SNES: $8 and N64: $10. These titles can be purchased via Credit Card or a "Wii points card" [$1 = 1 Wii point]. Launch titles on Nov. 19th include Super Mario 64, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong and Legend of Zelda.

The Wii itself will be launching with some 30 titles retailing at an average of $50, $10 below the offerings from Microsoft and Sony. Launch titles will include the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Excite Truck, Trauma Center, Madden 07, Need for Speed: Carbon, Elebits, Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz, Metal Slug Anthology, Rayman: Raving Rabids, Red Steel... possibly more.

The console's first online game will be a new title in the Pokemon franchise which will launch shortly after the Japan llaunch of the Wii on Dec. 2 with the more high profile releases such as Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3 seeing release in 2007.

That's it for now, pre-order as you see fit, and good luck with the waiting.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Apple: It's Showtime

After last month's disappointing WWDC, the announcement that Sir Steve would be holding a surprise event dubbed "It's Showtime" led to some high hopes. While we didn't get the grand poobah: the 16x9 true video Ipod, we did get heap upon heap of other great updates. Where to begin? For the most part, the grand show included updates to the entire iPod family, as well as a few software tweaks, so let's work our way up.

The head of the class iPod received a marginal update today, with new headphones, a brighter screen, a longer battery life, and the long in the making support for gapless playback of Pink Floyd albums. Also, it's top of the line went from 60 to 80gb at new price points, 249-349 respectively. Also some cool new additions that will work on any 5g player, games are available from iTunes for 4.99 a pop, and a spotlight type search function to find songs.

Thrust into it's second generation this time out was the ever popular iPod nano, getting an iPod mini like makeover, with new metal casing and 5 colors. Three different models ranging from 149-249 are ready to order now.

Also getting a second generation update is the oft-ignore iPod shuffle. Now the worlds smallest mp3 player will come in a 1gb flavor for 79 affordable dollars.

Getting the biggest update of the day, and an exciting one for me because it's mostly free, was iTunes itself. No longer do you have to use a wonky third application to update your iPod, it's now handled internally, and beautifully I might ad, to the iTunes program. The UI has been cleaned up and it looks even snazzier and less program like than before. You can now browse by album cover art. Don't have album art you say? iTunes will get it automatically for you now. This is huge, because no third party utility has quite been able to get this right yet. Sure, you will still have problems with your obscure acid jazz that is not on the iTunes store, but I'll take it. Oh yeah, they also have full movie downloads on the newly named iTunes store. Not just music anymore folks.

Oh and one more thing.

In a move that would be usually considered crazy, that is pre-announcing a product this far in advance for the famously secretive Steve Jobs, Apple today announced a media server that is meant to connect to your television. The device will wirelessly stream media from your computers to your television, and thus completes and wins the war on packaged media. The device, dubbed iTv for now, will debut early 2007 and retail for 299.

DVDomination #6

I'm sorry for the gap in coverage Monday as it was September 11th and while America mourned their loss that day 5 years ago I mourned the loss of my hard drives contents 5 hours ago. as second time is the charm, here are the weeks three picks...

1) The Star Wars Trilogy: Limited Editions [A New Hope / The Empire Strikes Back / Return of the Jedi]

At last those millions of voices crying out in terror can be silenced as the original theatrical editions make their way to DVD packed in with the enchanced 2004 cuts. Those anxious to see Han shoot first and sick of seeing that honey combs mascot belt out "Jedi rocks" finally have their childhood memories restored to the way they were, but if you have a bad feeling about this you're right. The original theatrical editions presented here lack an anamorphic transfer and contain only a basic dolby 2.0 mix of each of the three episodes. Also keep in mind the possability of an ultimate edition for the 30th anniversary of Star Wars next year.

So while Han shoots first, Lucasfilm laughs last.

Special Features
• Theatrical editions [?!]
• Commentary on the 2004 editions

2) The Office: Season 2

Justin says: With the cancellation of Arrested Development and the downward spiral that was the last season of Scrubs (known around these parts as "The Keith"), The Office is officially the funniest thing on television. Last season Carell and crew struggled to differentiate itself from its British big brother, but in season 2 is where the show begins to hit its groove and carve out it's own quirky little niche.

Special Features
Commentary on 10 episodes by cast and crew
• Deleted Scenes
• Fake PSAs
• Webisodes from
• Blooper Reel
• Olympics promo
• Steve on Steve
• "Faces of Scranton" video (from the episode "Valentine's Day")

3) Lucky Number Slevin

Those of you out there looking for a modest crime caper will find Lucky Number Slevin to be a nice romp sporting a solid cast headed up by Josh Harnett, Lucy Lui and the ever balding Bruce Willis. In it the titular Slevin is caught in a case of mistaken identity by two mob bosses [Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley] who use him as a pawn while a mysterious assassin known as Mr. Goodkat stays hot on his tail. Expect lead to be exchanged and backs to be stabbed in this quirky tale.

Special Features
• Commentary by actors Josh Hartnett and Lucy Liu and writer
• Jason Smilovic
• Commentary by director Paul McGuigan
• "Making Lucky Number Slevin" featurette
• Deleted scenes and alternate ending

Thus concludes another week of the DVDomination. As always buy accordingly and without hesitation avoiding foolish UMDs and other nonsensical media trappings.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Retromendation #5

Welcome to another installment of Retromendation, where we cure your movie draught with a bevy of spectacular flicks pulled from the '80's and beyond! We return this week with a real winner from the pre-Star Wars '70's.

The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother

Sigerson Holmes, the titular brother of the infamous sleuth investigates a case revolving around stage hall singer Jenny Hill with the help of Scotland Yard detective Orville Sacker. The trail leads them to none other than equally infamous Moriarty who once again weaves an elaborate web of crime in order to obtain a secret document of great importance.

Worthwhile because: This is pure, straight up Gene Wilder. After the success of Young Frankenstein Wilder directed and starred in this chaotic caper with longtime collaborators Madeline Khan and Marty Feldman

Also Because: The Bunny hop.

Memorable quote: “The clue obviously lies in the word "cheddar." Let's see now. Seven letters. Rearranged, they come to, let me see: "Rachedd." "Dechdar." "Drechad." "Chaderd" - hello, chaderd! Unless I'm very much mistaken, chaderd is the Egyptian word meaning "to eat fat." Now we're getting somewhere!”

This lacks the gravitas of Wilder’s collaborations with Mel Brooks but for those looking for a pure dose of Wilder’s warped mind you’d be hard pressed to find a better flick to fit the bill. Anything in which Gene Wilder and Madeline Khan star is sure to be a fun filled time.

Monday, September 04, 2006

DVDomination #5

Welcome to another edition of DVDomination, you'll have to excuse us for the delay in updating the last week. This week we promise the usual amount of coverage for your viewing pleasure and nothing is more pleasurable then the weekly new releases!

1. Seven Samurai

Christmas comes early for film buffs everywhere with Criterion's second release of Akira Kurosawa's cinematic milestone Seven Samurai. Featuring one of Toshiro Mifune's finest performances, Kurosawa's masterpiece gets to shine here in a 3-disc set boasting a remastered video and a plethora of extras. The archetype for a wide range of films from The Magnificent Seven to A Bug's Life, any film collector owes it to themselves to pick up this bundle of joy next chance they get.

Special Features
• 2 Audio Commentaries
• 50-min. documentary, "Akira Kurosawa: It Is Wonderful To Create"
• Two-hour conversation between Kurosawa and Nagisa Oshima
• "Seven Samurai: Origins and Influences"
• Theatrical trailers and teaser
• New and improved English subtitle translation
• Essays by Peter Cowie, Philip Kemp, Kenneth Turan, Sidney Lumet and more

2. Lost: Season 2

Ahhh yes, the second season of Lost flies onto shelves this week as the trapped passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 push past the mystery of the hatch to discover the inner workings of the mysterious Island. The crew must also deal with an assortment of island dwellers both friendly and nefarious while remembering to reboot their computer every so often. Sadly no info on whether or not this includes more golfing.

Special Features

• Exclusive unaired flashbacks
• LOST connections: interactive experience that plants seeds for season three
• Conspiracy theories with creators, writers, fans
• Fire and Water: Anatomy of an Episode
• Secrets Of The Hatch
• Deleted Scenes
• Bloopers

3. United 93

United 93, which takes a dramatic look at the final moments of the titular flight hits shelves this week, sporting two editions [a single disc and a double]. Having not seen it I can't give a personal take on it, but for those of you interested in what cinema has to say on that faithful day removed of the big budget Hollywood trappings [Oliver Stone's World Trade Center] this should fit the bill.

Special Features
Features exclusive to the 2-Disc set denoted with *

• Audio commentary with Paul Greengrass
• Memorial Pages
• United 93 - The Families and the Film documentary
• Chasing Planes: Witnesses to 9/11*

Thus concludes another week of DVDomination, as always please buy accordingly.