Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Teh Suck & The Cool #1

Hello and greetings dear reader to the first of our weekly series detailing the best and worst you have coming your way for the week. This is where we break down the goodies you got coming your way into two simple camps, that which does suck, and that which does not. Confusing I know, and it must seem primitive to you ratings lovers out there but lets face it, numbers are untrustworthy and quite scary at times.

So let's get down to it.

The Films

The Suck: Barnyard: The Original Party Animals

It used to be that the CG feature film was such a time consuming and expensive venture that a studio like Pixar had to plan out the story and film intricately well before any wireframes were cobbled together to form a virtual avatar for Tom Hanks. You brought your A-game or you brought yourself financial ruin.

Oh how I miss those high-risk days before studios started to quickly churn out these CG flicks that seem to be slowly but surely devolving into first generation PS2 quality. Barnyard chronicles farms inhabitants as they sure enough party as the title boldly claims and make wisecracks until a wolf shows up, assumedly to eat them, we can only hope. If the trailer is any indication passing time on the farm involves yelling what you're doing as you're doing it until the cows come home. Also documented in the trailer is the clever wordplay as they are in fact cows so I should say man comes home in which they'll stop walking on two legs. Why the secrecy is beyond me, bears aren't afraid of doing it at times, but then again they're godless killing machines.

The Cool: Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

You'd almost forget Will Farrell was funny with his steady output of Bewitched, the Producers and Kicking & Screaming, but 2004's Anchorman is still a film to bust out when one need to bust out laughing and was a showcase for Ferrell's comedic chops. This follow up from the same creative team of Ferrell, director Adam McKay and hotshot Judd Apatow is another in their look at the mediocre men whose occupy the nation and deem themselves as important.

As maverick NASCAR driver Ricky bobby he battles his arch enemy, Borat himself Sacha Baron Cohen portraying yet another form of Eurotrash. Along for the ride are the always entertaining John C. Reilly, Gary Cole and David Koechner. No doubt a few people will be put off by the films NASCAR backdrop, while far less accesible than Anchorman's retro newsworld expect the usual barrage of hilarity Ferrell brings when handed a role such as this, that and impossibly rediculous crashes.

So there you have it, we'll have a review of Ricky bobby for you later in the week, plan your theatrical ventures accordingly and remember not to believe a damn word Barnyard says, we all know Lincoln was the original party animal.


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wow...You remember the show Manimal?

that was kind of a creepy moment when he said that.

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