Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Box Office Report 08.29

Disney continues their reign over the summer box office this week with Invincible taking the number 1 spot as Snakes on a Plane slithers down the ranks to the number 7 with $6.2m. Talladega Nights remains in the runner up position as newcomer Beerfest opens upto a modest $7m.

The other new release, Idlewild debuted to the #9 spot with $5.7m with the only other noteworthy item of news being Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest finally exiting from the top ten ranks.

The slow box office news will assuredly continue next week as the summer season ends with the release of The Wicker Man starring Nicholas Cage, god help the viewing public.

Pull it to the Limit Volume 5

Folks it's that time again, and as has been the norm for this month, we are given another slow, slow week.

On the DC side, the lone title that piques my interest is issue 842 of "Action Comics." Following up what was far and away the best one year later story is a tall order, and this series of one-off's hopes to hold the momentum. Personally, I am a huge Busiek fan, and in my opinion he worked wonders with the OYL story, but DC's one off edict for their post crisis characters is weakening every comic, with the exception of Paul Dini's Detective Comics. Hopefully Busiek can overcome here.

For Marvel, things aren't much better. Issue two of the Civil War miniseries "Young Avengers/Runaways" will hit the stands. Combining two of my favorite titles seemed like a surefire hit, but the first issue left a lot to be desired. Let's hope they step it up here. My pick of the week? Peter David's "X-Factor" has not only been the best X-related book, but one of the best and most consistent of Marvel's core universe. Issue 10 hits the stand this week.

Finally, since it is such a light week, I figured I would do some community service. Chris Nolan, in an interview, said that the Joker in his next movie, something called "The Dark Knight," would gather a lot of influence from not only Alan Moore's "Killing Joke" but from the first two appearances of the Joker in Batman's comics. Where can you get those you ask? There are quite a few places, but a good place to start, and to understand why people are so excited when Nolan name checks those two issues, are "The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told" and "The Batman Chronicles." You're welcome, and oh yeah..Pull it to the limit!

Monday, August 28, 2006

A very special message from Broken Lizard

I got this via my Myspace page, so I figure what the hell, why not use the Weasel's massive pull and let our audience have a read. Seriously though, this movie is great stuff [our review backs this statement up] and you really need to get out and see it.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

As you know by now the number one film in America this weekend was MIRACLE 2: MARKY MARK IN CLEATS.

As you probably also know BEERFEST is fucking great. You've seen our comment board, you've talked to your friends, you've probably already seen the movie.

So you're probably asking yourself how did a football comedy beat out a Broken Lizard movie???

Well here's your answer...It doesn't fucking matter.

What matters now is that YOU keep BEERFEST in theaters so that your friends, and everyone else in the world will get to see BEERFEST on the big screen.

This is a grassroots comedy campaign of epic proportions. We are asking YOU, the fans, to mobilize and get the word out about BEERFEST. Here are 10 things you can do to spread the word:

2.) Copy & Paste this message into an email and tell all of your friends to see BEERFEST this week. And then tell them to forward it along.
3.) Blog this message or throw it up on your website.
4.) Send a MySpace Comment to a friend telling them to go see BEERFEST.
5.) Poke a friend on Facebook and then tell them about BEERFEST.
6.) Buy a ticket for BEERFEST, then walk into another movie and tell everyone in that theater to go see BEERFEST instead.
7.) Put the poster up as your default picture on MySpace
8.) Text message all the numbers in your cell phone with "BEERFEST"
9.) Throw a BEERFEST party. Round up your friends, drink some brew, go see the movie, repeat.
10.) When a telemarketer calls you, instead of them selling you something, you sell them on BEERFEST.

The power is your hands people. Visit us at www.myspace.com/therealbrokenlizard and update us with your efforts.

We sincerely appreciate all of your support.




DVDomination #4

This week's DVDomination is completely comprised of T.V. series hitting the racks as the month's film releases haven't been upto snuff, a result of a poor spring. Luckily the T.V. series this week are above your usual offering, so we hope you enjoy.

1) Arrested Development Season 3

Really this is such a great pick who needs anything else for the remainder of the week? The epic escapades of the Bluth clan come to a dramatic conclusion in this third and final season sporting 13 episodes in anamorphic transfers. For fans of the show it's bittersweet to relive GOB's freechicken, Michael Bluth's romance with the British faced Rita, George Michael Bluth's romance with Maebe and the conclusion to the series "Harboring Resentment". For non-fans don't make a huge mistake, check this series out.

Special Features

• Select Episode Commentary
• Deleted/Extended Scenes
• Blooper Real [7 min.]
• The Last Day on Location

2) The Tick: Season 1

At last the mighty Tick finds it's way onto DVD! Fans have been waiting forever for this Saturday Morning gem to arrive, I know I have. This set collects 12 of the 13 episodes from the first season*. This is the more prominent of the Saturday morning cartoon sets also seeing release this week, the others being Darkwing Duck and Tailspin. Sadly the announcement of this release fails to mention the special features of the 2-disc set but for fans the episodes are the main attraction, any interviews and commentaries are icing on the cake.

* Due to "creative considerations" episode 11 ("The Tick vs. The Mole Men") is not included.

3) Nip/Tuck Season 3

Nip/Tuck rounds out this weeks trio of T.V. series [What can I say? Weak slate of film releases this week]. The set contains all 15 episodes spread over 6-discs covering Sean McNamara and Christian Troy's continuing body of work as Miami's top plastic surgeons. This season resolves the mystery, the identity and motive of the Carver, established in he previous season. New faces and new directions for our old favorites grace this, the most outrageous season of Nip/Tuck yet.

Special Features
• Severed Parts: unaired scenes
• Chasing the Carver
• The Perfect Look: set design
• 6 Deleted Scenes
• Gag Reel

Thus concludes another week of DVDomination, buy accordingly.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Review: Beerfest

Teh Suck & The Cool will be taking a break this week, I would toss it up but it's a futile effort when this fabulous flick is playing in theatres near you.

Beerfest is funnier than Talladega Nights.
Beerfest is funnier than Super Troopers.

Beerfest is hands down the funniest film this year because it doesn’t seem to care about conventional storytelling. There’s a story here, revolving around the greatest beer in all the land and the family rights to it sure. But don’t expect a romantic subplot outside of a sequence in beer vision and Steve Lemme’s intimate relationship with frogs.

What you’re left with is the Broken Lizard gang-delivering tear inducing hilarity within the loose confines of the Beerfest universe, where rigorous training takes place and math is an element not to be taken lightly in planning your beer drinking strategy.

If The Dukes of Hazzard did something right it was give the troupe enough swagger at Warner Bros. to turn out this great flick that will assuredly become a mainstay of the frat drinking crowd or any lover of comedy. Jokes are fired off at an enormous rate with the entire troupe stepping up to deliver. They come in all forms, revolving around goat piss, raw animals being consumed and the Beerfest’s various elements and stereotypes. But always Broken Lizard’s Team U.S.A. knocks every gag out of the park.

The stand outs are Jay Chandrasekhar as a washed up ping pong wiz who doesn’t fucking pong anymore for reasons unknown, Steve Lemme as their Jewish teammate who is eager to go toe to toe with the scheming German’s and as always the brilliant Kevin Heffernan as “Landfill”. The gang each relish the roles and much like Super Troopers, they all bring their A-game.

Beerfest is simply a ludicrous film with a ludicrous premise delivering on the promise of making you laugh time and again, and in keeping with the spirit, best viewed with a pint or two in you.


Retromendation #4

Apologies to our viewers for the lack of content during the last few days as we here at the Weasel. Rest assured this will not be common and a steady stream of content awaits you when you click on over to K105. This weeks retromendation is a very great one and I assure you it's a damn good flick.

Jeff Bailey’s normal life is shattered upon the arrival of an old friend in his neighborhood. Despite his serene life with his lady and his business at a local gas station we learn from this visitor that Jeff left behind his old life as a Private Detective, leaving his employer in the dark and his last case wide open.

We learn that Jeff was under the employ of one Whit Sterling, a gambler and a man of wealth whose mistress had shot him and run off with $40,000 to Acapulco. Jeff is charged with bringing her back alive and safe by Whitman and after tracks her down only to fall for her and fall hard, she didn’t take the money, she swears by it. But as Jeff and his bounty run from Sterling, they cannot shake his long reach and inevitably Jeff has to confront Whitman in order to save his skin.

Worthwhile Because: The film is the very epitome of noir, very down and dirty with all the staples of the genre. Cunning crooks, devious dames and private eyes permeate the black and white universe with effortless cool and mystique.

But Also Because: Robert Mitchum as Jeff Bailey, not only does Mitchum act up a storm all through this gem, he smokes up a storm as well.

Memorable quote:
“Build my gallows high, baby.”

Any fan of early cinema and noir classics like Maltese Falcon should do themselves a favor and pick this up. It doesn’t receive as many accolades and attention as higher ups on the list but it’s one of the more quotable, cool and brilliant flicks of its day.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Box Office Report 08.22

Three months after the hype peaked and three weeks after Talladega Nights opened Snakes on a Plane took flight this week the a total of 15.2 million, inching it's way past the Will Ferrell vehicle. Expect the film to slither down the ranks as the summer slowly dies out.

Aside from Snake related mishaps there was little action on the charts this week as the low key Justin Long flick Accepted was rejected down to fifth place with a paltry 10 million. This was followed down the list by Material Girls, which sunk to the bottom of the charts with $4.6 million. Final note on the week is Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest sailing past the 400 million mark.

Pull it to the Limit Volume 4

For the three of you that didn't already pick this information up, almost the entire Marvel universe is on hold because their big crossover, "Civil War" has hit a major delay. With that, almost every tie in and mini series related to the big show had to be pushed back as well, making for anemic weekly boxes for my comic shelf and in turn, much shorter than expected columns here.

We do have a few more this week than the last few, but here it is, and it is what it is.

Shipping on August 23rd from DC we have Batman #656. Batman hasn't been great for the last year or so, but being the huge bat-fanboy that I am, I continue to hold this title as untouchable on my pull list.

From the Marvel bunch, we have Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men #16. The only of the core x-titles worth reading, Joss has done some back to basics work with the characters, a refreshing change from the convoluted continuity of the other main x-series. Daredevil #88 brings us back from the huge twist at the end of the last issue, the end of an amazing arc from Ed Brubaker. Can they keep it up? Bendis' New Avengers is a consistent best seller, and this Civil War tie in issue (23) has a lot to prove coming off of a boring bunch. One that I missed last week but given the subject matter felt the need to mention was Ultimate Fantastic Four #32, the final issue in the Frightful arc. This will be the last of this book on my pull list because the Fantastic Four are really really lame when there aren't zombies involved.

Image comics delivers this week with the best monthly comic out there, The Walking Dead's monumental issue 30. Those already reading know how great the current arc has been, look for the action to come to something of a head here. Not a wonderful jumping on point, but no better time than the present to pick up one of the many collected editions of Robert Kirkman's wonderful series.

I am always looking for new comics to check out, so feel free to post your recommendations. Pull it folks, Pull it to the goddamn limit.

Monday, August 21, 2006

DVDomination #3

Oh yeah, it's already been a week, but that's to be expected if you kept yourself busy with our wicked awesome Retromendations, if those got your spidey sense tingling then watch out wall crawler, we got ourselves a new slate of DVD releases. What's in stores for this week true believer? Three sexy new releases, one being a rather special blast from the past.

1) House M.D. Season 2

Wizards and fucked up looking monsters can't hold a candle to House M.D. who's is back to kick some ass and take names, presumably for the donor list. This set gives you all 24 episodes of the second season, chockablock with medical jargon, House browbeating his peers and general maverick medical marvels! Thrill as Hugh Laurie cures mysterious ailment after mysterious ailment all while duping the american public into thinking he's american, just like Christian Bale.

Special Features
• Producer commentary
An Evening with House featurette
• An It Could Be Lupus featurette
• A blooper reel
• Alternate Takes: “The Valley Girl Versions”

2) The Wizard

Justin says: Those that know me personally know that "The Wonder Years" is my favorite tv show of all time. When I found out that Kevin Arnold himself would be starring in a movie, I was enchanted. When I found out that that movie would be about videogames (referred to at the time as "Playing Nintendo") I dedicated my life to seeing said movie. All said, about two decades later, I have seen said film at least 100 times. I can recite the entire movie, I am a sad sad individual. The good news though is that I can retire my melted VHS copy and purchase the DVD at long last.

Special Features
• It's on a disc.

3) Silent Hill

The much waited for Silent Hill adaptation arrives in stores! Now you can pop in the disc and fiddle around with your PS2 controller with glee as Rose searches for her missing daughter Sharon in the endless fog and grime of the titular city. Let me remind you viewer that there's a drinking game to be made from Rose's numerous shouts of "HEY!" throughout the film. Let me also remind you there can also be one made of my over usage of the term "titular" on this blog.

Special Features
• Commentary by Christophe Gans
• Deleted and extended scenes
• A 6-part production diary documentary that details the casting, set design, stunts

Enough said, see you next week!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

BRUCE WATCH!: My Name is Bruce pic hits the net

It certainly isn't news to any fan of his that Bruce Campbell is bringing his life to the big screen in the anxiously awaited auto-biography My Name is Bruce, in which Bruce Campbell plays himself taking on a town full of supernatural baddies.

What is news is that the first still from the flick has surfaced featuring lifelong Campbell sidekick Ted Raimi sporting heavy make-up as an aide to Bruce's nemesis "Guan-Di". Hopefully the flick will take a page from Army of Darkness and have Ted Raimi in a dozen different roles throughout the flick.

My Name is Bruce is entering Post-Production and will hopefully be groovy enough for a 2006 release, if not then be patient internet, we'll keep you posted.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Teh Suck & The Cool #3

Welcome to the Suck and the Cool #3 where we break down the weeks slate of theatrical releases in the black and white glory of what sucks and what does not suck. We're not elementary teachers, we don't give out stars, we give out a suggestion and some shame. This weeks Suck and the Cool is a special one in that both K105 writers weigh in on the weekend, starting with me, and starting as always with the shame of the week.

The Suck
: Snakes on a Plane

Andrew says: Well Jesus here we are facing down the ass end of summer where studios take a dump on audiences in the hope of claiming a quick buck from the teens before they go back to school and those 12 - 4 showings stop getting their coin. This year we're privy to not just any film, but a film about Snakes on a Plane. Just in case you got confused about the premise or for those people who accidently walk into the wrong film sometimes, this film has been dubbed "Snakes on a Plane".

Now i'm an internet guy, i'm writing on a god forsaken blog. I know of Snakes and their disregard for plane safety regulations, it's been all over the net and i'm wearing a Snakes on a Plane shirt, but cause it fits me good. But SOAP's appeal peaked about two months ago only to lapse back into internet lore like oh so much Leroy Jenkins. You might be shaking your head in dismay and saying it gives you exactly what you want, Snakes on a Plane. If only we got more stupid shit that was titled like it was a no name brand flick.

Well you do America, and they never stop sucking and they multiply like the fuckin' Gremlins at a pool party.

In short, studios already pander to the lowest common denominator, embracing Snakes on a Plane only means more purposely bad flicks to cash in on the mob mentality of the internet. Let's face it, people on the internet championing this flick are stupid and it's almost commendable they can put pants on and make $10 to see it.

The Cool: Snakes on a Plane

Justin says: Yeah, so the internet buzz burned out about a month too early and I'm not quite as excited as I once was for it, but by dammit if it isn't worth the 10 dollar ticket to hear Samuel L. say that one line... you know which one I'm talking about. In a grander sense, we are going to witness the first movie made for the internet, by the internet. In other words, this would have been a Sci-Fi Channel movie of the week starring Bruce Campbell 10 years ago. Let's see if that massive internet credibility is going to make SOAP the next Pirates of the Carribean, or if the cycling nature of buzz that is the internet will turn this into the next Serenity.

So there you have two sides of the slithery story, this has been another edition of the Suck and the Cool, be sure to check back next week for a glance at the releases coming out August 25th.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Unfantastic sequel title

The official title for the sequel to 2005's Fantastic Four Adaptation has been dubbed "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer", no doubt because "Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer" sounded quite plain and "Fantastic Four 2" would just confuse our already mentally fragile youth.

One wonders exactly what rises from the films synopsis in which a certain Galactic entity is left completely out of the fold, according to Superhero Hype:
In the sequel, the enigmatic, intergalactic herald, The Silver Surfer, comes to Earth to prepare it for destruction. As the Silver Surfer races around the globe wreaking havoc, Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben must unravel the mystery of The Silver Surfer and confront the surprising return of their mortal enemy, Dr. Doom, before all hope is lost.
It's at this point I sit back and think about the proposed Fantastic Four film that could have been had Peyton Reed stayed on as director. Hell Steven Soderbergh showed interest in it as well.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer begins shooting next month with the four leads returning and Doug Jones of Hellboy fame to be contributing to the performance of the Silver Surfer

Source: Superhero Hype

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Autopilot 06: Round 2

Autopilot is our roundup of new series pilots of interest. To meet the criteria, the show has to have an interesting enough premise to warrant a viewing. This probably lets a few gems fall through the cracks, but has proven itself to be the most efficient way of finding decent tv. I give you round 2, the B list:

Mercy Reef

Smallville crew? Check. Very interesting trailer leak? Check. Conspiracies about why this wasn't picked up? Check. Other than the exceptionally bad choice of superhero, this show had all the right ingredients for a cult hit. When the full pilot was finally released on itunes, those theories died down quickly, because this show sucks. Poorly acted, highly uninteresting, and incredibly pompous and overblown, it surprises me that the rumored reason for this show's DOA showing was it's budget. Don't bother with this unless you can get your 1.99 back from Apple.

Friday Night Lights

This may well be the big hit of the season, because even though it wasn't that great, it is something totally different than anything else on TV. Not as well acted or gritty as the movie it is based on, we do have football and pretty faces. All in all, interesting enough to watch a few more episodes, but not an instant lock. I will say it is much better than NBC's usual fare.

I had promised a review of the Traveler here, but between sitting around and playing video games, I haven't had the time to watch it. It'll be sandwiched in to the C-list reviews next time.

Retromendation #3

It's Wednesday, but it only seems likes yesterday it was the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark. As you sat on your pops lap you wanted to be everything Indiana Jones was on that silver screen. Invincible, heroic and daring in your adventures. You mastered the whip, aged your leather jacket and you wore that fedora like a pro. It was tragic that upon buying a pet snake to familiarize yourself with the species [and become even more fearless than Dr. Jones] it devoured your entire family as you traveled overseas in the family Cessna "The Venomous." sending it crashing down into an anaconda mating pit of all things.

So when your friends ask you if you want to see Snakes on a Plane, you say you'll pass.

But what do you do during that weekend lull when the Internet community heads out to see the traumatic mixture of Snakes and Planes? You hit the video store, and with the weekly Retromendation, you'll be sure to head out with a winner.

The Fearless Vampire Killers

Vampire researcher Professor Abronsius and his assistant Alfred take shelter after a night of traveling in the icy wilderness. It’s here where Abronsius begins to suspect strange goings ons and Alfred falls for the beautiful Sarah, daughter of the innkeeper. When the villainous Count Krolock snatches her away, the duo must travel to Krolock’s castle and match wits with the count as well as his children of the night before Sarah’s fate is sealed.

Worthwhile Because: Eye Candy. This is a very beautiful film that captures the Hammer horror vibe. From the atmospheric sets to the costumes, everything screams archetypical vampire fable, something Steven Sommers wishes he could capture.

But also because: It’s got an ultra kitschy score, and even more eye candy in the form of Sharon Tate in a bathtub.

Memorable quote: “Oy vey, have you got the wrong vampire.”

This is one of the earlier films of Roman Polanski’s career; here he even stars as the meek and frightened Alfred. Luckily Polanski delivers a memorable vampire tale that plays around with the classic hammer horror formula and has fun with it. The daughter Sarah can’t seem to get enough of her bathing while vampires of the Jewish variety descend on the helpless females ever present.

In the second half of the film the fearless vampire killers turn out to be anything but. As they fumble, run and yelp at the sight of the living dead, you realize that our heroes are no match for the forces of evil. A fact I’m sure any follower of Polanski is already well aware of.

There's your selection for this week, check back next Wednesday for another Retromendation to ease the boring weekend stretch. Until then, good luck with the serpant therapy. Don't let it get in your way of a decent game of snakes and ladders.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Box Office Report 08.15

Ricky Bobby dared to answer the call and stepped up to retain his top spot at the box office, narrowly out grossing the flamboyantly shitty looking dance off flick with a second week haul of $22.1 million, inching it ever closer to the $100 million mark.

As those two flicks battled it out for the teen demographic World Trade Center quietly claimed third spot with $18.5 million to ramp up a 5-day total of $26.5 million. Not exactly drawing in swarms of people, which is understandable, given the feelings it would evoke in people who had to watch that unfold that dreadful day.

The two remaining releases for the week, Pulse and Zoom opened further down the charts at #5 and 9, sure to be a blip on the radar as common sense slowly takes hold of the viewing public and they are forced down the ranks, and good riddance.

That's pretty much all there is to report this week regarding the box office, August not being the prime spot for studios big prospects that shouldn't surprise anybody. Next week we’ll finally see just how far pandering to the internet crowds mob mentality will get you when Ricky Bobby has to outrace Snakes……on a Plane.

Pull it to the Limit! - Volume 3

For the shipping date of August 16, 2006, we have a massive pull. One comic book makes the list. I don't know if we are in the massive post comic-con delay phase, but even checking next week, I only have 3 or 4. Either way, here's the book worth picking up this week: Marvel's "Runaways" 19 follows up the big death from last month, and coincides with the big Young Avengers Civil War crossover. This consistently great series is one of a very small group that I have read every issue. Until Next week..

Pull it to the Limit!

Monday, August 14, 2006

DVDomination #2

Welcome to the second edition of DVDomination where we filter out those useless releases of T.V. series no one cares about and narrow it down to three interesting choices you won't just shelve after a single viewing of, stuff worth plunking down cash for. This week is slim pickings for movies coming out, with only one making the top three and even then it's a re-release.

1. The Simpsons: Season 8

Nothing’s more of a sure bet this week than a new season of the Simpsons, spanning the 1997 - 1998 slate, it just may mark one of the last memorable seasons for America’s dysfunctional family. Memorable episodes include the discovery of Bart’s evil twin in Treehouse of Horror VII, the legendary Hank Scorpio, Bart’s employment at a burlesque house, the divorce of Milhouse’s parents, a crossover with the X-Files, the memorable nanny Sherry Bobbins, Homer’s fear of gays, Homer’s nemesis Frank Grimes and Homer’s battling of prohibition. Another stellar guest star filled season and a must own for any fan of classic Simpsons.

Special Features

• Commentary on all episodes
• Deleted Scenes
• A Simpsons House Featurette with James L. Brooks
• Three Animated Showcases
• Illustrated Commentaries
• Deleted Scenes gallery with optional commentary
• Promotional spots

2. Apocalypse Now

For those of you who’ve refused to pick up Francis Ford Coppola’s memorable take on Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, this new edition, “The Complete Dossier” gives you both the theatrical edition as well as the Redux that was released in theatres a few years back. For owners of one who prefer the other, Warner Bros. is offering this 2-disc set at the tune of $12.99, so you’re hardly breaking the bank by double dipping on this classic.

Special Features
• Both the theatrical and Redux version
• Commentary by Francis Ford Coppola
• Apocalypse Now and Then: A Retrospective
• 4 A/V club featurettes
• 5 post-production featurettes

3. Rome

The Emmy nominated historical drama Rome also arrives in stores via a 6-disc box set collecting all 12 episodes. Set in 52 B.C, Rome charts the dramatic shifts in the balance of power between former friends Pompey Magnus, leader of the Senate, and Julius Caesar, whose imminent return after eight years to Rome after conquering the Gauls, has the ruling class up in arms. What follows are events of betrayal, treachery and violence as characters scheme and plot their foes demise.

Special Features
• Select Episode Commentary
• "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" - Introduction to the characters
• All Roads Lead to Rome: An on-screen guide
• Shot by Show: select scene breakdowns
• Behind the Scenes: The Rise of Rome
• When in Rome featurette
• An 8-page guide to the series

Thus concludes another week of DVDomination, we'll be back next week to cover the releases of August 22nd, until then, avoid the DTV releases.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Christopher Nolan to dish out bubble trouble

That's right, the long gestating adaptation of the downright odd series The Prisoner is being handed to the man behind the Batman, Christopher Nolan. Notable scribes Janet and David Webb Peoples, penners of such cinematic masterworks as 12 Monkeys, Unforgiven and Blade Runner will aid Nolan. I'm sure they'll turn out a suitably batshit crazy film, pun totally intended.

This will no doubt be great news for cautious fans of the original series in which Patrick McGoohan portrayed #6, the titular prisoner entrapped in "The Village" which, although heavily guarded and protected by a killer bubble known only as Rover, was not the crappy village concocted by one M. Night Shyamalan, a far worse fate.

Teh Suck & The Cool #2

This weeks suck and the cool was a difficult one. One the one hand you have three films destined to suck so much it pins you to your seat, and on the other, slim pickings in the way of the cool flicks.

The Suck:
Step Up

Following the mercifully short release of Take the Lead comes the second wave of the dance flick. There’s about as much gas left in this genres tank as the Japanese horror remakes. Once again a troubled youth must overcome his peers perception of him and prove his worth on the dance floor, or something. Why not embrace your stereotype and apply your rhythmic skill set in the life or crime and knock off a 7/11 to the beat? It’d be like that museum sequence in Batman with less Prince, no wait…. MORE PRINCE.

Extra mention has to go to Zoom and Pulse, which I’m sure you’d enjoy if you want to become sterile.

The Cool: World Trade Center

Though you're deserving of a one-way trip to the insane asylum if you called World Trade Center “cool”, it really is the best film coming out this week for reasons above. Reviews on this have been mixed and it seems odd to give this the pick of the week by default as nothing else good is opening wide [Though if you stay in for a night with the wife that's up for debate]. WTC is of course Nicholas Cage struggling to survive the rubble of the World Trade Center on that fateful day performing harrowing acts of the heroic nature and fighting not fire, but the odds. Though wrenching out drama from this event is like shooting pigs in a barrel some critics not limited to the realm of film have cried out “Too soon!” though the event has already been covered in the less glamorized United 93. In all I’d say it’s worth a look in this slow week.

So there's your weekly warning and pick of the week. Next week brings us Snakes on a Plane, which will be coiled to strike August 18th, god help the unsuspecting public.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Retromendation #2

The week is half through and you can't help but think of the weekend, sitting on your ass and taking it easy. You want to get out there and see Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby but the lines are too long, it's playing some 50 minutes away. You scrap that in favor of walk ing over to the video store and picking up a simple flick and staying in with a beer and whole pizza. That's why you hit the Retromendation to fill your viewing needs and this week the spotlight goes to another ballad worth your while...

The Ballad of Cable Hogue

Cable Hogue is down on his luck and inches from death. Betrayed and left to wander the desert he comes upon an astonishing discovery of water in the ground and after replenishment purchases it in order to put himself in business. As he forms a friendship with a passing reverend and a whore with a heart of gold he waits at his watering hole, biding his time before those who left him for dead return to the land to quench their thirst.

Worthwhile because: Any fan of Jason Robard’s knows no other man can play such a rough crude man of the west with such charm. Cable Hogue isn’t so much different from his character of Cheyenne from Once Upon a Time in the West, though he comes upon better fortune and he is once more faced with the end of the old west, though in a more ham fisted method.

But also because: David Warner, my favorite Englishman as the shady reverend Joshua Sloan who assists Cable in his dealings. Be he consoling to Hogue or as contemptible as they come, this is Warner’s finest 2 hours.

Memorable quote: “I'll live to spit on your grave!”

The Ballad of Cable Hogue is a treat not only for Peckinpah fans but also for anyone who fancies the western genre. It stands out from all of Peckinpah’s filmography for doing away with his usual bag of ultra violent tricks in favor of telling a casually paced film that’s if anything, a tribute to the pioneering spirit of the old west, and it’s inevitable end.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Box Office Report 08.08

“If you’re not first, you’re last.”

Damn straight, and Talladega Nights crossed the finish line well ahead of the competition to gross $47 million in its opening week. That’s roughly half of Anchorman’s total domestic gross, good news to Sony and the duo of Adam McKay and Will Ferrell who announced late last week their impending follow up.

Number 2 spot goes to Barnyard, which despite the summers animated CG fim oversaturation came out of the weekend with $15.8m. Instead of bemoaning the poor taste of the nation, I will instead point you to The Suck & The Cool, where I lay down some hatred.

Dead Man’s Chest pulled ahead of Miami Vice, gobbling up another $11m. It’s on a steady pace to break $400m before the summer is through. Vice didn’t fare as well, adding $10.2m to its first week sum to rise to $46.3, a modest number but considering the price tag still a disappointment.

U.K. horror export The Descent opened to #5 with $8.9m, supplementing the numbers it’s already pulled in though it should be a blip on the radar. Expect it to descend down the ranks once next week arrives.

And what exactly does next week bring? August 9th brings about Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center, which stars Nicholas Cage and a heap of rubble. Too soon? You decide.

Also coming down the pipe on the more normal Friday release for August 11th is Zoom in which Tim Allen returns as a superhero brought in to train a bunch of new recruits in a family flick you’re sure not to give a crap about. It’s joined by Pulse, yet another ghost filled Japanese remake. Man, they sure do love ghosts over there.

Pull it to the Limit! - Volume 2

After a slow week, we are presented with an even slower week, with only one comic from each side of the big two making the cut. It'll be a light mailbox week for me as DC gives us Superman 655, in which we hope that the "Up Up and Away" intensity can continue, and Marvel gives us the first issue of their second big summer event, "Annhilation." Either the schedule is wonky this month or I am going to get a really big box next week.

Pull it to the Limit!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2006

As you rabid Mac fans should know today the eyes of the Internet were aimed squarely at Steve Jobs and the information he would divulge at the WWDC regarding the companies plans for their various brands and software.

The biggest announcement at the speech was the Mac Pro, Apple's newer faster tower sporting a G5 casing with an overhauled interior, you can get the lowdown on that at Apple's online store which is immediately shipping these customizable monsters.

The conference continued with a preview of 10 features new and enhanced for their new Leopard OS. Among them is Time Machine, which allows you to back up and restore everything in your Mac and Spaces, which resembles a Virtual Desktop. This was accompanied by the news that Leopard will release in 2007, bumped back from it's original Fall 2006 date.

Source: tuaw

DVDomination #1

VDomination is our weekly piece on the slate of films and T.V. series arriving on store shelves. What we do is filter out all the awful loooking messes and insulting stupid looking DTV sequels and stick with 3 good looking choices, in a good week when there's more we'll slip some in at the end.

1. Brick

First up is the very little seen neo-noir, Brick. The film follows Brendan who responds to a very distraught ex regarding the handling of this titular brick and with little regard for his health, her wishes and the consequences dives head first into the criminal underworld. Mixing modern day high school social infrastructure with the criminal underworld of a 1930’s flick seems gimmicky but the film quickly wins you over with its style, its cast and it’s rapid-fire script.

Special Features
• Feature Commentary
• The Inside Track: Casting the Roles of Laura and Dode
• Deleted and Extended Scenes with Intros

2. Inside Man

Second on the list is another crime caper, in this Spike Lee joint Denzel Washington is Detective Keith Frazier, who arrives on the scene of a bank heist that’s headed up by masked man Dalton Russell [Clive Owen] who takes up a hostage or two and wants his demands to the police met, or does he? If that doesn’t sell you on the idea of watching it, Jodie Foster graces the film with her presence and someone probably gets shot.

Special Features
• Feature Commentary
• Number 4
• The Making of Inside Man
• Deleted Scenes

3. Prison Break: Season One

Finally, Fox's hit crime thriller Prison Break arrives on DVD spanning 6-discs, Following a staged bank robbery, Michael Schofield begins his cleverly constructed plot to flee the big house, taking with him his brother he believes to be an innocent pawn of a larger conspiracy. As he utilizes his top-secret weapon, a specially designed tattoo that contains extensive details on the prison to plot his break out, others on the outside world seek to unravel the threat surrounding our heroes. A great pick for those of you who love the recent slate of serial dramas that are hitting television in the wake of Lost and 24 but hate the commercials and agonizing wait from NFL hiatus. As with other recent season releases, each episode [22 in all] will be presented in widescreen.

Special Features

• Commentary on select episodes
• Alternate scenes
• Beyond the Ink: Tattoo Featurette, and an inside look.
• If These Walls Could Speak: Profile of the Joliet Correctional Center featurette

Those three should keep you plenty busy until next week's DVDomination, check back next week where we dish out the details regarding the release slate for August 15th.

Friday, August 04, 2006

One-Sheet Fever: Grind House

Troublemaker Studios has unveiled their one-sheets for Grind House, the double feature brought to you by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. These posters displayed at Comicon give us a glimpse of the duos spirited homage to '70's filmmaking. Planet Terror revolves around a zombie menace battled by the likes of Michael Biehn while QT's down and dirty pic tracks a crazed killer [Kurt Russell!] stalking the roads for victims.

A third poster sporting a machine gun armed [legged?!] Rose McGowan can be seen at Troublemakers Studios where the posters were unveiled to the online public.
One certainly wonders what the kickback on that is like.

The two 90 minute flicks will be joined together with a plethora of fake trailers thrown into the mix to make the experience all the more down and dirty. As the poster declare, Grind House hits theatres April 6th, unless someone gets the stupid idea to split them into two separate films.

Source: Aint it Cool News

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pull it to the Limit! - 8.2.06

As you can see, we're trying to start some weekly columns here, and in that grand tradition, I give you "Pull it to the Limit," an article detailing what is worth your valuable time and scratch for the week in comics. It will henceforth be published on Tuesday nights.

In the DC realm, the wonderful Paul Dini goes into his second issue of "Detective Comics." He promised to take the series back to its detective roots, and with the first issue, he delivered. If he can keep up the intensity and great writing, we will have a great set of one off stories at the end of his run. Also, on DC's Vertigo imprint, "The Exterminators" is back for round 8, and while not a great jumping on point or major event, this is a series that has been getting better with every issue, and with this recommendation, I implore you to pick up the first 7 issues along with it.

Things aren't much more meaty on the Marvel side, with only "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man" registering because of it's Spidey-Unmasked implications. Also of note, the final issue of the incredible "Barracuda" arc has dropped, pick up what is probably Marvel's most consistent monthly, "The Punisher."

Image's lone entry is the inconsistent (quality and quantity) "Invincible." Pick up Robert Kirkman's other monthly, which in my humble opinion, has been on a slow streak up until last month's issue. Let's hope this issue keeps up the intensity.

See you next Tuesday for product shipping August 9, and as always, Pull it to the Limit!

Retromendation #1

It’s Thursday night, Friday brings a healthy amount of new releases but you’re tired of the summer season slate. You think if you’re subjected to one more blockbuster flick you’ll go for a nice killing spree, and you already face that possibility when you deliver the mail Monday through Friday.

That’s why you want to dip into the well, watch those classics you remember from the ‘70’s and ‘80’s. Those smaller flicks that never really got the attention they deserved, or maybe they did and 20 years later was slapped onto a DVD just for the sake of having it existing. Video stores are full of them, we’ll clue you in on which ones are worth your time.

Johnny Dangerously

Johnny Kelly [Michael Keaton] has it rough on the streets in the early 1900’s, "It really sucks" as his mother boldly states. On top of living conditions Johnny’s mom is more injury prone than Super Dave and needs cash if she’ll ever want to spit again. So like any kid he joins the world of organized crime, where he smooth talks his way around bullets, broads, traitorous vermin and the District Attorney who vows to put away Dangerously unaware that he is in fact the brother who put him through law school.

Worthwhile because: It’s Michael Keaton in his heyday after Mr. Mom but before Tim Burton’ Batman.

But also because: Surrounding him are a number of comedic talents such Peter Boyle, Joe Piscopo, Griffin Dunne and Dom Deluise in supporting roles.

The film maintains a steady pace of gags, pushes the then newly introduced PG-13 rating to it’s boundaries and contains numerous cameos throughout it’s 90 minute running time. It’s a step above the comedies cut of the same cloth as Airplane and never fails to amuse. Every Keaton fan owes it to themselves to watch it once.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Teh Suck & The Cool #1

Hello and greetings dear reader to the first of our weekly series detailing the best and worst you have coming your way for the week. This is where we break down the goodies you got coming your way into two simple camps, that which does suck, and that which does not. Confusing I know, and it must seem primitive to you ratings lovers out there but lets face it, numbers are untrustworthy and quite scary at times.

So let's get down to it.

The Films

The Suck: Barnyard: The Original Party Animals

It used to be that the CG feature film was such a time consuming and expensive venture that a studio like Pixar had to plan out the story and film intricately well before any wireframes were cobbled together to form a virtual avatar for Tom Hanks. You brought your A-game or you brought yourself financial ruin.

Oh how I miss those high-risk days before studios started to quickly churn out these CG flicks that seem to be slowly but surely devolving into first generation PS2 quality. Barnyard chronicles farms inhabitants as they sure enough party as the title boldly claims and make wisecracks until a wolf shows up, assumedly to eat them, we can only hope. If the trailer is any indication passing time on the farm involves yelling what you're doing as you're doing it until the cows come home. Also documented in the trailer is the clever wordplay as they are in fact cows so I should say man comes home in which they'll stop walking on two legs. Why the secrecy is beyond me, bears aren't afraid of doing it at times, but then again they're godless killing machines.

The Cool: Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

You'd almost forget Will Farrell was funny with his steady output of Bewitched, the Producers and Kicking & Screaming, but 2004's Anchorman is still a film to bust out when one need to bust out laughing and was a showcase for Ferrell's comedic chops. This follow up from the same creative team of Ferrell, director Adam McKay and hotshot Judd Apatow is another in their look at the mediocre men whose occupy the nation and deem themselves as important.

As maverick NASCAR driver Ricky bobby he battles his arch enemy, Borat himself Sacha Baron Cohen portraying yet another form of Eurotrash. Along for the ride are the always entertaining John C. Reilly, Gary Cole and David Koechner. No doubt a few people will be put off by the films NASCAR backdrop, while far less accesible than Anchorman's retro newsworld expect the usual barrage of hilarity Ferrell brings when handed a role such as this, that and impossibly rediculous crashes.

So there you have it, we'll have a review of Ricky bobby for you later in the week, plan your theatrical ventures accordingly and remember not to believe a damn word Barnyard says, we all know Lincoln was the original party animal.