Thursday, August 03, 2006

Retromendation #1

It’s Thursday night, Friday brings a healthy amount of new releases but you’re tired of the summer season slate. You think if you’re subjected to one more blockbuster flick you’ll go for a nice killing spree, and you already face that possibility when you deliver the mail Monday through Friday.

That’s why you want to dip into the well, watch those classics you remember from the ‘70’s and ‘80’s. Those smaller flicks that never really got the attention they deserved, or maybe they did and 20 years later was slapped onto a DVD just for the sake of having it existing. Video stores are full of them, we’ll clue you in on which ones are worth your time.

Johnny Dangerously

Johnny Kelly [Michael Keaton] has it rough on the streets in the early 1900’s, "It really sucks" as his mother boldly states. On top of living conditions Johnny’s mom is more injury prone than Super Dave and needs cash if she’ll ever want to spit again. So like any kid he joins the world of organized crime, where he smooth talks his way around bullets, broads, traitorous vermin and the District Attorney who vows to put away Dangerously unaware that he is in fact the brother who put him through law school.

Worthwhile because: It’s Michael Keaton in his heyday after Mr. Mom but before Tim Burton’ Batman.

But also because: Surrounding him are a number of comedic talents such Peter Boyle, Joe Piscopo, Griffin Dunne and Dom Deluise in supporting roles.

The film maintains a steady pace of gags, pushes the then newly introduced PG-13 rating to it’s boundaries and contains numerous cameos throughout it’s 90 minute running time. It’s a step above the comedies cut of the same cloth as Airplane and never fails to amuse. Every Keaton fan owes it to themselves to watch it once.



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