Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pull it to the Limit! - 8.2.06

As you can see, we're trying to start some weekly columns here, and in that grand tradition, I give you "Pull it to the Limit," an article detailing what is worth your valuable time and scratch for the week in comics. It will henceforth be published on Tuesday nights.

In the DC realm, the wonderful Paul Dini goes into his second issue of "Detective Comics." He promised to take the series back to its detective roots, and with the first issue, he delivered. If he can keep up the intensity and great writing, we will have a great set of one off stories at the end of his run. Also, on DC's Vertigo imprint, "The Exterminators" is back for round 8, and while not a great jumping on point or major event, this is a series that has been getting better with every issue, and with this recommendation, I implore you to pick up the first 7 issues along with it.

Things aren't much more meaty on the Marvel side, with only "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man" registering because of it's Spidey-Unmasked implications. Also of note, the final issue of the incredible "Barracuda" arc has dropped, pick up what is probably Marvel's most consistent monthly, "The Punisher."

Image's lone entry is the inconsistent (quality and quantity) "Invincible." Pick up Robert Kirkman's other monthly, which in my humble opinion, has been on a slow streak up until last month's issue. Let's hope this issue keeps up the intensity.

See you next Tuesday for product shipping August 9, and as always, Pull it to the Limit!


Anonymous Shaun said...

I'm a Darkhorse fan all the way!
The second issue of the Escapists just came out, and a special feature on The Goon (Noir #1) is on it's way which looks pretty gold.

1:53 PM 

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