Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Autopilot 06: Round 2

Autopilot is our roundup of new series pilots of interest. To meet the criteria, the show has to have an interesting enough premise to warrant a viewing. This probably lets a few gems fall through the cracks, but has proven itself to be the most efficient way of finding decent tv. I give you round 2, the B list:

Mercy Reef

Smallville crew? Check. Very interesting trailer leak? Check. Conspiracies about why this wasn't picked up? Check. Other than the exceptionally bad choice of superhero, this show had all the right ingredients for a cult hit. When the full pilot was finally released on itunes, those theories died down quickly, because this show sucks. Poorly acted, highly uninteresting, and incredibly pompous and overblown, it surprises me that the rumored reason for this show's DOA showing was it's budget. Don't bother with this unless you can get your 1.99 back from Apple.

Friday Night Lights

This may well be the big hit of the season, because even though it wasn't that great, it is something totally different than anything else on TV. Not as well acted or gritty as the movie it is based on, we do have football and pretty faces. All in all, interesting enough to watch a few more episodes, but not an instant lock. I will say it is much better than NBC's usual fare.

I had promised a review of the Traveler here, but between sitting around and playing video games, I haven't had the time to watch it. It'll be sandwiched in to the C-list reviews next time.


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