Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Box Office Report 08.08

“If you’re not first, you’re last.”

Damn straight, and Talladega Nights crossed the finish line well ahead of the competition to gross $47 million in its opening week. That’s roughly half of Anchorman’s total domestic gross, good news to Sony and the duo of Adam McKay and Will Ferrell who announced late last week their impending follow up.

Number 2 spot goes to Barnyard, which despite the summers animated CG fim oversaturation came out of the weekend with $15.8m. Instead of bemoaning the poor taste of the nation, I will instead point you to The Suck & The Cool, where I lay down some hatred.

Dead Man’s Chest pulled ahead of Miami Vice, gobbling up another $11m. It’s on a steady pace to break $400m before the summer is through. Vice didn’t fare as well, adding $10.2m to its first week sum to rise to $46.3, a modest number but considering the price tag still a disappointment.

U.K. horror export The Descent opened to #5 with $8.9m, supplementing the numbers it’s already pulled in though it should be a blip on the radar. Expect it to descend down the ranks once next week arrives.

And what exactly does next week bring? August 9th brings about Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center, which stars Nicholas Cage and a heap of rubble. Too soon? You decide.

Also coming down the pipe on the more normal Friday release for August 11th is Zoom in which Tim Allen returns as a superhero brought in to train a bunch of new recruits in a family flick you’re sure not to give a crap about. It’s joined by Pulse, yet another ghost filled Japanese remake. Man, they sure do love ghosts over there.


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