Monday, August 07, 2006

Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2006

As you rabid Mac fans should know today the eyes of the Internet were aimed squarely at Steve Jobs and the information he would divulge at the WWDC regarding the companies plans for their various brands and software.

The biggest announcement at the speech was the Mac Pro, Apple's newer faster tower sporting a G5 casing with an overhauled interior, you can get the lowdown on that at Apple's online store which is immediately shipping these customizable monsters.

The conference continued with a preview of 10 features new and enhanced for their new Leopard OS. Among them is Time Machine, which allows you to back up and restore everything in your Mac and Spaces, which resembles a Virtual Desktop. This was accompanied by the news that Leopard will release in 2007, bumped back from it's original Fall 2006 date.

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