Friday, August 11, 2006

Teh Suck & The Cool #2

This weeks suck and the cool was a difficult one. One the one hand you have three films destined to suck so much it pins you to your seat, and on the other, slim pickings in the way of the cool flicks.

The Suck:
Step Up

Following the mercifully short release of Take the Lead comes the second wave of the dance flick. There’s about as much gas left in this genres tank as the Japanese horror remakes. Once again a troubled youth must overcome his peers perception of him and prove his worth on the dance floor, or something. Why not embrace your stereotype and apply your rhythmic skill set in the life or crime and knock off a 7/11 to the beat? It’d be like that museum sequence in Batman with less Prince, no wait…. MORE PRINCE.

Extra mention has to go to Zoom and Pulse, which I’m sure you’d enjoy if you want to become sterile.

The Cool: World Trade Center

Though you're deserving of a one-way trip to the insane asylum if you called World Trade Center “cool”, it really is the best film coming out this week for reasons above. Reviews on this have been mixed and it seems odd to give this the pick of the week by default as nothing else good is opening wide [Though if you stay in for a night with the wife that's up for debate]. WTC is of course Nicholas Cage struggling to survive the rubble of the World Trade Center on that fateful day performing harrowing acts of the heroic nature and fighting not fire, but the odds. Though wrenching out drama from this event is like shooting pigs in a barrel some critics not limited to the realm of film have cried out “Too soon!” though the event has already been covered in the less glamorized United 93. In all I’d say it’s worth a look in this slow week.

So there's your weekly warning and pick of the week. Next week brings us Snakes on a Plane, which will be coiled to strike August 18th, god help the unsuspecting public.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually, the world trade centre movie looks kinda like it might suck ass

11:20 PM 
Blogger Andrew said...

But then you'd be saying The World Trade Center is the suck, and that makes you a terrorist, and a bit of a pedophile...

11:43 PM 

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