Monday, August 07, 2006

DVDomination #1

VDomination is our weekly piece on the slate of films and T.V. series arriving on store shelves. What we do is filter out all the awful loooking messes and insulting stupid looking DTV sequels and stick with 3 good looking choices, in a good week when there's more we'll slip some in at the end.

1. Brick

First up is the very little seen neo-noir, Brick. The film follows Brendan who responds to a very distraught ex regarding the handling of this titular brick and with little regard for his health, her wishes and the consequences dives head first into the criminal underworld. Mixing modern day high school social infrastructure with the criminal underworld of a 1930’s flick seems gimmicky but the film quickly wins you over with its style, its cast and it’s rapid-fire script.

Special Features
• Feature Commentary
• The Inside Track: Casting the Roles of Laura and Dode
• Deleted and Extended Scenes with Intros

2. Inside Man

Second on the list is another crime caper, in this Spike Lee joint Denzel Washington is Detective Keith Frazier, who arrives on the scene of a bank heist that’s headed up by masked man Dalton Russell [Clive Owen] who takes up a hostage or two and wants his demands to the police met, or does he? If that doesn’t sell you on the idea of watching it, Jodie Foster graces the film with her presence and someone probably gets shot.

Special Features
• Feature Commentary
• Number 4
• The Making of Inside Man
• Deleted Scenes

3. Prison Break: Season One

Finally, Fox's hit crime thriller Prison Break arrives on DVD spanning 6-discs, Following a staged bank robbery, Michael Schofield begins his cleverly constructed plot to flee the big house, taking with him his brother he believes to be an innocent pawn of a larger conspiracy. As he utilizes his top-secret weapon, a specially designed tattoo that contains extensive details on the prison to plot his break out, others on the outside world seek to unravel the threat surrounding our heroes. A great pick for those of you who love the recent slate of serial dramas that are hitting television in the wake of Lost and 24 but hate the commercials and agonizing wait from NFL hiatus. As with other recent season releases, each episode [22 in all] will be presented in widescreen.

Special Features

• Commentary on select episodes
• Alternate scenes
• Beyond the Ink: Tattoo Featurette, and an inside look.
• If These Walls Could Speak: Profile of the Joliet Correctional Center featurette

Those three should keep you plenty busy until next week's DVDomination, check back next week where we dish out the details regarding the release slate for August 15th.


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