Monday, August 21, 2006

DVDomination #3

Oh yeah, it's already been a week, but that's to be expected if you kept yourself busy with our wicked awesome Retromendations, if those got your spidey sense tingling then watch out wall crawler, we got ourselves a new slate of DVD releases. What's in stores for this week true believer? Three sexy new releases, one being a rather special blast from the past.

1) House M.D. Season 2

Wizards and fucked up looking monsters can't hold a candle to House M.D. who's is back to kick some ass and take names, presumably for the donor list. This set gives you all 24 episodes of the second season, chockablock with medical jargon, House browbeating his peers and general maverick medical marvels! Thrill as Hugh Laurie cures mysterious ailment after mysterious ailment all while duping the american public into thinking he's american, just like Christian Bale.

Special Features
• Producer commentary
An Evening with House featurette
• An It Could Be Lupus featurette
• A blooper reel
• Alternate Takes: “The Valley Girl Versions”

2) The Wizard

Justin says: Those that know me personally know that "The Wonder Years" is my favorite tv show of all time. When I found out that Kevin Arnold himself would be starring in a movie, I was enchanted. When I found out that that movie would be about videogames (referred to at the time as "Playing Nintendo") I dedicated my life to seeing said movie. All said, about two decades later, I have seen said film at least 100 times. I can recite the entire movie, I am a sad sad individual. The good news though is that I can retire my melted VHS copy and purchase the DVD at long last.

Special Features
• It's on a disc.

3) Silent Hill

The much waited for Silent Hill adaptation arrives in stores! Now you can pop in the disc and fiddle around with your PS2 controller with glee as Rose searches for her missing daughter Sharon in the endless fog and grime of the titular city. Let me remind you viewer that there's a drinking game to be made from Rose's numerous shouts of "HEY!" throughout the film. Let me also remind you there can also be one made of my over usage of the term "titular" on this blog.

Special Features
• Commentary by Christophe Gans
• Deleted and extended scenes
• A 6-part production diary documentary that details the casting, set design, stunts

Enough said, see you next week!


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