Friday, August 18, 2006

Teh Suck & The Cool #3

Welcome to the Suck and the Cool #3 where we break down the weeks slate of theatrical releases in the black and white glory of what sucks and what does not suck. We're not elementary teachers, we don't give out stars, we give out a suggestion and some shame. This weeks Suck and the Cool is a special one in that both K105 writers weigh in on the weekend, starting with me, and starting as always with the shame of the week.

The Suck
: Snakes on a Plane

Andrew says: Well Jesus here we are facing down the ass end of summer where studios take a dump on audiences in the hope of claiming a quick buck from the teens before they go back to school and those 12 - 4 showings stop getting their coin. This year we're privy to not just any film, but a film about Snakes on a Plane. Just in case you got confused about the premise or for those people who accidently walk into the wrong film sometimes, this film has been dubbed "Snakes on a Plane".

Now i'm an internet guy, i'm writing on a god forsaken blog. I know of Snakes and their disregard for plane safety regulations, it's been all over the net and i'm wearing a Snakes on a Plane shirt, but cause it fits me good. But SOAP's appeal peaked about two months ago only to lapse back into internet lore like oh so much Leroy Jenkins. You might be shaking your head in dismay and saying it gives you exactly what you want, Snakes on a Plane. If only we got more stupid shit that was titled like it was a no name brand flick.

Well you do America, and they never stop sucking and they multiply like the fuckin' Gremlins at a pool party.

In short, studios already pander to the lowest common denominator, embracing Snakes on a Plane only means more purposely bad flicks to cash in on the mob mentality of the internet. Let's face it, people on the internet championing this flick are stupid and it's almost commendable they can put pants on and make $10 to see it.

The Cool: Snakes on a Plane

Justin says: Yeah, so the internet buzz burned out about a month too early and I'm not quite as excited as I once was for it, but by dammit if it isn't worth the 10 dollar ticket to hear Samuel L. say that one line... you know which one I'm talking about. In a grander sense, we are going to witness the first movie made for the internet, by the internet. In other words, this would have been a Sci-Fi Channel movie of the week starring Bruce Campbell 10 years ago. Let's see if that massive internet credibility is going to make SOAP the next Pirates of the Carribean, or if the cycling nature of buzz that is the internet will turn this into the next Serenity.

So there you have two sides of the slithery story, this has been another edition of the Suck and the Cool, be sure to check back next week for a glance at the releases coming out August 25th.


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i bet that movie's gonna suck

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