Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pull it to the Limit Volume 4

For the three of you that didn't already pick this information up, almost the entire Marvel universe is on hold because their big crossover, "Civil War" has hit a major delay. With that, almost every tie in and mini series related to the big show had to be pushed back as well, making for anemic weekly boxes for my comic shelf and in turn, much shorter than expected columns here.

We do have a few more this week than the last few, but here it is, and it is what it is.

Shipping on August 23rd from DC we have Batman #656. Batman hasn't been great for the last year or so, but being the huge bat-fanboy that I am, I continue to hold this title as untouchable on my pull list.

From the Marvel bunch, we have Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men #16. The only of the core x-titles worth reading, Joss has done some back to basics work with the characters, a refreshing change from the convoluted continuity of the other main x-series. Daredevil #88 brings us back from the huge twist at the end of the last issue, the end of an amazing arc from Ed Brubaker. Can they keep it up? Bendis' New Avengers is a consistent best seller, and this Civil War tie in issue (23) has a lot to prove coming off of a boring bunch. One that I missed last week but given the subject matter felt the need to mention was Ultimate Fantastic Four #32, the final issue in the Frightful arc. This will be the last of this book on my pull list because the Fantastic Four are really really lame when there aren't zombies involved.

Image comics delivers this week with the best monthly comic out there, The Walking Dead's monumental issue 30. Those already reading know how great the current arc has been, look for the action to come to something of a head here. Not a wonderful jumping on point, but no better time than the present to pick up one of the many collected editions of Robert Kirkman's wonderful series.

I am always looking for new comics to check out, so feel free to post your recommendations. Pull it folks, Pull it to the goddamn limit.


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