Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Box Office Report 08.22

Three months after the hype peaked and three weeks after Talladega Nights opened Snakes on a Plane took flight this week the a total of 15.2 million, inching it's way past the Will Ferrell vehicle. Expect the film to slither down the ranks as the summer slowly dies out.

Aside from Snake related mishaps there was little action on the charts this week as the low key Justin Long flick Accepted was rejected down to fifth place with a paltry 10 million. This was followed down the list by Material Girls, which sunk to the bottom of the charts with $4.6 million. Final note on the week is Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest sailing past the 400 million mark.


Anonymous Steve said...

Saw SoaP again for the second time today and once again I amazed by its brilliance. What a performance by the Jackson. What a story. Amazing stuff.

2:34 AM 

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