Friday, August 25, 2006

Retromendation #4

Apologies to our viewers for the lack of content during the last few days as we here at the Weasel. Rest assured this will not be common and a steady stream of content awaits you when you click on over to K105. This weeks retromendation is a very great one and I assure you it's a damn good flick.

Jeff Bailey’s normal life is shattered upon the arrival of an old friend in his neighborhood. Despite his serene life with his lady and his business at a local gas station we learn from this visitor that Jeff left behind his old life as a Private Detective, leaving his employer in the dark and his last case wide open.

We learn that Jeff was under the employ of one Whit Sterling, a gambler and a man of wealth whose mistress had shot him and run off with $40,000 to Acapulco. Jeff is charged with bringing her back alive and safe by Whitman and after tracks her down only to fall for her and fall hard, she didn’t take the money, she swears by it. But as Jeff and his bounty run from Sterling, they cannot shake his long reach and inevitably Jeff has to confront Whitman in order to save his skin.

Worthwhile Because: The film is the very epitome of noir, very down and dirty with all the staples of the genre. Cunning crooks, devious dames and private eyes permeate the black and white universe with effortless cool and mystique.

But Also Because: Robert Mitchum as Jeff Bailey, not only does Mitchum act up a storm all through this gem, he smokes up a storm as well.

Memorable quote:
“Build my gallows high, baby.”

Any fan of early cinema and noir classics like Maltese Falcon should do themselves a favor and pick this up. It doesn’t receive as many accolades and attention as higher ups on the list but it’s one of the more quotable, cool and brilliant flicks of its day.


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