Friday, August 25, 2006

Review: Beerfest

Teh Suck & The Cool will be taking a break this week, I would toss it up but it's a futile effort when this fabulous flick is playing in theatres near you.

Beerfest is funnier than Talladega Nights.
Beerfest is funnier than Super Troopers.

Beerfest is hands down the funniest film this year because it doesn’t seem to care about conventional storytelling. There’s a story here, revolving around the greatest beer in all the land and the family rights to it sure. But don’t expect a romantic subplot outside of a sequence in beer vision and Steve Lemme’s intimate relationship with frogs.

What you’re left with is the Broken Lizard gang-delivering tear inducing hilarity within the loose confines of the Beerfest universe, where rigorous training takes place and math is an element not to be taken lightly in planning your beer drinking strategy.

If The Dukes of Hazzard did something right it was give the troupe enough swagger at Warner Bros. to turn out this great flick that will assuredly become a mainstay of the frat drinking crowd or any lover of comedy. Jokes are fired off at an enormous rate with the entire troupe stepping up to deliver. They come in all forms, revolving around goat piss, raw animals being consumed and the Beerfest’s various elements and stereotypes. But always Broken Lizard’s Team U.S.A. knocks every gag out of the park.

The stand outs are Jay Chandrasekhar as a washed up ping pong wiz who doesn’t fucking pong anymore for reasons unknown, Steve Lemme as their Jewish teammate who is eager to go toe to toe with the scheming German’s and as always the brilliant Kevin Heffernan as “Landfill”. The gang each relish the roles and much like Super Troopers, they all bring their A-game.

Beerfest is simply a ludicrous film with a ludicrous premise delivering on the promise of making you laugh time and again, and in keeping with the spirit, best viewed with a pint or two in you.



Blogger Fazer said...

Better than Talladega
Better than Super Troopers...not even close.

It was a nice return to form for Broken Lizard, but it was too long and too inconsistent. Some good gut busters for sure, but nothing legendary.

1:37 AM 

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